Join us for the 8th Annual El Pueblo Canta

(Español Aquí) 

Please join CRLN, Wellington Avenue United Church of Christ and Centro Romero for the 8th Annual El Pueblo Canta Concert. All proceeds of the concert go towards the immigration justice programs of the two organizations and Wellington Avenue UCC. Please read below of the great work that each one does for immigrants and refugees. 

Centro Romero describes itself as a “community-based organization that serves the refugee immigrant population on the northeast side of Chicago. Our interrelated programs include the Youth Learning and Leadership Program, Family Services (encapsulating the Domestic Violence Prevention Program, the Public Benefits Program, and the New Americans Initiative), Adult Education, and Legal Services. These are essential services that support healthy personal and social development of participants. Our long-term organizational goal is to bridge a disenfranchised community of immigrants and refugees into mainstream American society as well as improving their opportunity for upward social mobility.”


A team of women from Centro Romero will be preparing the delicious Latino food available for purchase at the concert.

Chicago’s Religious Leadership Network on Latin America Immigration Program engages faith communities and leaders through education, advocacy, and action to live in compassionate solidarity with our immigrant sisters and brothers. Many faith communities that participate in CRLN’s immigrant justice program become Immigrant Welcoming Congregations (IWCs). Currently, there are 20 IWCs partnering with CRLN, including Wellington Avenue UCC. Together, we envision a world where the people of Latin America can lead sustainable dignified lives and where immigrants, people of color, and other marginalized communities are not targeted by deportation, incarceration, and other forms of state violence.

Wellington Avenue United Church of Christ is an open and affirming Christian church with a focus on God’s justice in the world and living our faith in action. As an IWC working with CRLN, Wellington Avenue UCC works on immigration justice through prayer, education, advocacy and action. The church hosts El Pueblo Canta with committed staff, pastors and congregation members helping to make the concert a successful event.

Please support immigrants by purchasing tickets and attending the day of the concert. Invite friends and family too! If you’re unable to attend, please consider donating so that young activists and others without surplus income can attend the concert. 

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Remember FREE parking and childcare!