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Mission: The Chicago Religious Leadership Network on Latin America (CRLN)  builds partnerships among social movements and organized communities within and between the U.S. and Latin America. We work together through popular education, grassroots organizing, public policy advocacy, and direct action to dismantle U.S. militarism, neoliberal economic and immigration policy, and other forms of state and institutional violence.We are united by our liberating faiths and inspired by the power of people to organize and to find allies to work for sustainable economies, just relationships and human dignity.  

Misión en español: La Red de Líderes Religiosos de Chicago para Latinoamérica (CRLN) construye alianzas entre movimientos sociales y comunidades organizadas en EE.UU. y entre los pueblos de las Américas. Trabajamos juntos por medio de la educación popular, la organización de base comunitaria, la promoción de políticas públicas, y la demostración no violenta pero energética para desmilitarizar nuestras sociedades, crear alternativas a la economía neoliberal y desmantelar la política de inmigración de EE.UU, y otras formas de violencia institucional y de Estado. Estamos unidxs por nuestras fes liberadoras e inspiradxs por el poder de la gente para organizar y encontrar aliadxs para trabajar por economías sostenibles, relaciones justas y la dignidad humana.

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CRLN gratefully acknowldges the support of the following Foundations: Crossroads Fund, Helen Brach Foundation, Landau Family Foundation, Pierce Family Charitable Foundation and Woods Fund of Chicago. 

Afro-Colombians in Chicago! / ¡Afrocolombianxs en Chicago!

(Español abajo)

On Friday, May 22, four Afro-Colombian leaders flew into Chicago and for a weekend full of powerful conversation, exchange and calls for solidarity. The speakers came to share their stories and struggles of exclusion from Colombia’s ongoing peace process, forced displacement, and the disproportionate violence against African descendant communities whose ancestral territories are sought after for natural resource exploitation.

Chicago hosted the following Afro-Colombian leaders:

Richard Moreno —from the inter-ethnic Solidarity...

Take Action to End U.S. Restrictions on Travel & Trade with Cuba!

On April 21 st a CRLN delegation met with Senator Kirk to ask him to sign on to two bills to end restrictions on travel and trade with Cuba. Today we need your help to contact Senator Kirk to urge him to sign on to these bills.

S299 - Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act will end the U.S. ban on travel permanently. This is important because the recent easing of some travel restrictions could be changed by the next...

Protect Migrant Refugee Children, Protect the TVPRA!

Since 2013, the Chicago Religious Leadership Network on Latin America (CRLN) has been one of the organizations supporting the Unaccompanied Children’s Interfaith Ministry of Chicago. Through this work, we have witnessed the children’s stories, prayers, and dreams. Our Immigrant Welcoming Congregations and our individual members have been touched by the stories of unaccompanied children. Today, we’re excited to announce our...

End Immigrant Detention!

This week the New York Times Editorial Board called for an end to all immigrant detention: “Detention is intended to help enforce the law, but, in practice, the system breeds cruelty and harm, and squanders taxpayer money. It denies its victims due process of law, punishing them far beyond the scale of any offense. It shatters families and traumatizes children. As a system of mass incarceration — particularly of women and children fleeing persecution in Central America — it is immoral.”

The #Not One More...

Days of Prayer & Action/Días de Oración y Acción for Colombia 2015

(Español Abajo)

The Chicago Religious Leadership Network on Latin America and our Chicago partners made a visit to Senator Durbin's office on Monday, May 18 th in celebration of the international Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia. This year’s theme was “ Tomorrow’s Peace Starts Today ”. We delivered a "SHALOM" banner, courtesy of the 8 th Day Center for Justice, and we discussed calls for the U.S. government to shift billions in military aid to help implement the Peace Process in Colombia.....

La Red de Líderes Religiosos para América Latina y nuestrxs compañerxs visitamos a la oficina del Senador Durbin este lunes pasado, 18 de mayo para celebrar los Días de Oración y Acción por la Paz en Colombia. El tema de la celebración internacional este año fue “ La Paz de Mañana Empieza Hoy ”. Llevamos un cartel de “SHALOM”, hecho por nuestxs amigxs en el Centro de Justicia 8º Día, y exigimos que el gobierno estadounidense cambia su apoyo militar para empezar la implementación de Proceso de Paz en Colombia.....

El Pueblo Canta Concert: A Resounding Success!

Thank you to everyone who volunteered, attended, and supported El Pueblo Canta 2015. It was our most successful year yet! Over $7500 was raised, which will sustain the immigrant rights work of the three sponsoring organizations: CRLN, Centro Romero, and Wellington Ave. United Church of Christ. Participants feasted on pupusas, tamales, mole, and other traditional foods. The Centro Romero children’s choir made a stellar performance, and then all kids joined in playing games while parents relaxed, sang, and danced along to the cumbia fusion, American folk, and other...

Take Action Now to Restore Funding for Immigrant Services

Please make one phone call now to restore crucial funding for immigrant services across the state. The Illinois Senate just passed a bill intended to restore programs eliminated on April 3 which include the Immigrant Services Line Item. At $6.67 million, the Immigrant Services Line Item (ISLI) within the Illinois Department of Human Services budget makes up less than .01% of the total state budget. ISLI funds two major programs:

  • The Immigrant Family Resource Program provides information and assistance to families
  • ...

Chicago Police Accountability Takes a Huge Step Forward

For over 25 years, CRLN has fought the practices of torture, arbitrary detention, impunity, and systematic repression of civilian populations in Latin America. When those practices exist in our own city, we cannot remain silent. We are proud to stand together with groups who are working toward concrete achievements on police accountability and justice here in our own neighborhoods.

CRLN congratulates Chicago Torture – Justice Memorials and the many other groups on reaching an...

Protecting the TVPRA & Migrant Refugee Children

TX-Mexico children; Credit: LaPrensa-SanDiego.org Last Monday the CRLN visited the offices of Senators Kirk and Durbin, as well as the offices of Representatives Bobby Rush, Luis Gutierrez, Mike Quigley, Danny Davis, Tammy Duckworth, Jan, Schakowsky, Robin Kelly, Randy Hultgren, Robert Dold, and Peter Roskam to address various of your policy concerns. The issue of the unaccompanied minors was among the concerns brought up by the CRLN delegation. Although it is true that the fewer unaccompanied minors and migrant families will be seeking refuge at our...

CRLN's DC Report Back & Urgent Action

CRLN and our amazing members & allies joined Ecumenical Advocacy Days this weekend where hundreds of organizers, religious leaders & activists from all over the country were building movement against mass incarceration. Then on Monday, April 21st, we took to the Hill to visit the offices of Senators Kirk & Durbin and Reps Danny Davis, Rush, Hultgren, Duckworth, Quigley, Dold, Kelly, Guiterrez, Roskam & Schakowsky.

One of the most urgent issues we discussed in our visits was Fast Track legislation for the TPP—it’s moving quickly in Congress & it’s crucial that your member of the House of Representatives hears from you now! Click to act now & make your call! We’ll be following up with our CRLN members to mobilize around all the issues below in the weeks to come!

We urged the Illinois delegation on immigration justice regarding:

  • Executive Action

  • Protecting the rights of unaccompanied minors

  • Ending the Immigration Bed Mandate and Stopping Deportations.

We urged the Illinois delegation Support on U.S. Foreign and Trade Policy regarding:


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