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Mission: The Chicago Religious Leadership Network on Latin America (CRLN)  builds partnerships among social movements and organized communities within and between the U.S. and Latin America. We work together through popular education, grassroots organizing, public policy advocacy, and direct action to dismantle U.S. militarism, neoliberal economic and immigration policy, and other forms of state and institutional violence.We are united by our liberating faiths and inspired by the power of people to organize and to find allies to work for sustainable economies, just relationships and human dignity.  

Misión en español: La Red de Líderes Religiosos de Chicago para Latinoamérica (CRLN) construye alianzas entre movimientos sociales y comunidades organizadas en EE.UU. y entre los pueblos de las Américas. Trabajamos juntos por medio de la educación popular, la organización de base comunitaria, la promoción de políticas públicas, y la demostración no violenta pero energética para desmilitarizar nuestras sociedades, crear alternativas a la economía neoliberal y desmantelar la política de inmigración de EE.UU, y otras formas de violencia institucional y de Estado. Estamos unidxs por nuestras fes liberadoras e inspiradxs por el poder de la gente para organizar y encontrar aliadxs para trabajar por economías sostenibles, relaciones justas y la dignidad humana.

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Ask your Representative to Sign-On to Stop Deportations

Sign-On to Stop Deportations

Last month, over 540 organizations sent a letter to President Obama asking that he suspend deportations of ALL persons that would be eligible for relief under a comprehensive immigration bill. Now, Reps Raul Grijalva from Arizona and Yvette Clarke from New York have circulated a "dear colleague" letter to other members of the House, asking them to do the same.

This August, make sure your Representatives sign on. ...

CRLN Signs On! "Stopping the TPP is Immigrant Rights"

"No New NAFTA: FlushTheTPP.org" "No New NAFTA: FlushTheTPP.org" CRLN has recently signed on to an open letter from the organization "Flush the TPP" , which addresses Free Trade as a major root cause of forced migration and immigration . Immigration work goes hand in hand with human rights abroad, which is why both are a crucial part of CRLN's work: addressing human rights...

Rally Against ALEC and its Inhumane Agenda

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) will be at the Palmer House Hilton Hotel for their 40th Anniversary meeting Aug 7-9. Join unions, students and activists in front of the hotel to speak out against ALEC and its inhumane, anti-democratic agenda on:

August 8th, noon, 17 E Monroe Street (Palmer House)

ALEC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization composed of legislators, businesses and foundations which produces many inhumane, anti-democratic model policies for state legislatures, such as the anti...

Bring Them Home- Undocumented Youth Cross the Border

Update: 8-7-13: The DREAM 9 were released from the Eloy Detention Center! Thank you for your calls, e-mails and support. A couple of hours after being released, they went back to Eloy Detention Center to hold a vigil and rally for those still inside. 8-2-13: All 9 undocumented youth passed their credible fear interviews, meaning they can continue with their asylum application process. Now, the Dream 9 should recieve a Notice to Appear in Immigration Court in...

In loving memory: Sister Donna Kustusch

Sister Donna Kustusch, OP, an Adrian Dominican and dedicated leader of the Sisters and Brothers of Immigrants, passed away on Monday, July 22, 2013. Sister Donna was a living example of what it means to seek justice for immigrants. She was an active and dedicated part of the Friday vigils at the Broadview Detention Center. We honor her work and legacy and send our condolences to the family. Please click here to see the full obituary .

Say -NO- to Fast Track!

Banner reads: "Stop TPP. People over Profits" Banner reads: "Stop TPP. People over Profits" DID YOU KNOW? At this very moment, the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP)- a trade agreement that includes 40% of the world's market and stands to grow even bigger, affecting the health and welfare of billions of people worldwide -is being negotiated behind closed...

2 Action Items to Defend Travel to Cuba Today!

Beyonce in Cuba The House has passed the Fiscal Year 2014 Financial Services bill with language that attempts to change current foreign policy towards Cuba. How? The legislation aims to eliminate educational exchanges that are not "for-credit" or pursuant of a degree. Translation: the elimination of people-to-people travel, recently made famous by Beyonce and Jay-Z's trip to Cuba last April ....

Will the Honduras Presidential Election on November 24 be Free and Fair?

Only if there is a massive presence of international monitors to make it more difficult for the oligarchy and military to steal the vote!

CRLN is partnering with Chicago-based La Voz de los de Abajo (La Voz) to organize a delegation to monitor November elections in Honduras:

When: November 18-27 or 28, 2013 (the week before Thanksgiving)

Cost: $850 (excluding international airfare-SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE!)

La Voz...

On to the House: Fasting and Praying for Immigration Reform

Take Action: Prayer and Fasting for a Better Immigration Reform

July 2013

Brothers and Sisters, we are called to raise our voices for immigration reform: a reform which puts human rights and dignity at the center. We cannot support the ever-increasing funds for militarization and incarceration incorporated in the current Senate Reform Bill S744. We turn toward God to make a better way, a path of reform that will live up to our faith values.

Let us fast and pray, and turn to God. In these days, Muslims are observing Ramadan, a holy month of spiritual purification. Jews are observing Tish'a B'Av, a commemoration the destruction of...

CNSC Satement on S. 744 and Moving Forward with Immigration Reform

On June 27, the Senate passed S.744 the "Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Economic Modernization Act," including the Hoeven-Corker Amendment. This amendment would add 20,000 border patrol agents to the US Southern Border, guarantee 700 miles of fencing along the border and allocate $4.5 billion for specific technology and equipment to achieve full surveillance of the border.

The Chicago New Sanctuary Coalition (CNSC) believes this amendment is a step backwards in creating ‘compassionate reform' centered in human dignity. The amendment unfairly holds hostage a person's process of becoming a legal permanent resident. Individuals have no control over the...


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