Join the Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice

Prayerful Support for Immigrant Justice

  • Lift up immigration concerns in the context of our


    , liturgy and meditations during services

  • Communicate

    the work of CNSC to our wider faith community and call upon our religious leaders and community members to participate in the immigrant justice work of CNSC

  • Contribute

    to CNSC through offering financial support or in-kind donations of material support, meeting space,etc.

Education for Transformation:

  • Renew our

    study of the sacred stories

    of immigration and hospitality, which already exist in our own faith traditions
  • Host an

    educational event

    or multi session series in your congregation, organization  or home

Take Action!

  • Participate in


    ourt Watch

    and be a symbolic witness to the deportation proceedings
  • Join us every Friday morning for a

    vigil at Broadview Immigration Detention Center
  • Join a religious volunteer team on Friday mornings after the vigil to

    pray on the buses

    carrying immigrants to    be deported from Broadview
  • Join a religious volunteer team to

    visit a detention center

    to provide pastoral care to people in immigration detention

Advocate!  Promote Just and Humane Policies

  • Respond to CNSC’s Action Alerts

    to advocate for just changes in our immigration policies
  • Meet with your

    elected representatives

    to publicly voice support for a moratorium on raids and deportations and the passing of just and humane immigration policy

  • Write a letter

    to the Editor in your local newspaper or congregational/religious newsletter as a religious voice for immigrant rights

Emergency Response

  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement threatens the emotional, physical and spiritual health of our communities. When called upon,

    respond to the needs

    of our immigrant brothers and sisters

To get involved contact Jenny Dale, New Sanctuary Project Coordinator,


or Call: 773-293-3680


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