While news coverage of Honduras is extremely limited here, the list of assassinations, abductions and threats continues to grow under the successor to the coup government.  This developing human rights tragedy is underreported – CRLN’s partners in Honduras, religious and human rights leaders such as our recent visitor Padre Melo (


), are calling on us to raise awareness here of the death squad activities in the post-coup Honduras.

Here are five examples from recent weeks:

Adalberto Figueroa

On May 8, Adalberto Figueroa, member of the Environmental Movement of Olancho, was murdered by people wearing ski masks when he was getting ready to collect firewood in the company of his 11-year-old son and his nephew. They fired several shots which killed him immediately.

Gilberto Alexander Nunez Ochoa and Jose Andres Oviedo

On May 13, Gilberto Alexander Núñez Ochoa, 27, (photo above) and Jose Andres Oviedo, 26, members of the National Front of Popular Resistance Against the Coup, were shot dead.  Mr. Nuñez had previously received death threats; Mr. Oviedo had been followed several times previously by the same men on motorbikes without numbered plates, who fired shots outside his house on another occasion.

Olayo Hernandez Sorto

On May 18, Olayo Hernandez Sorto, 37, member of the indigenous organization COPINH and communal secretary of the National Front of Popular Resistance Against the Coup, was murdered, shot with three 3.80-caliber pistol shots.

Carlos H. Reyes

On May 20, Carlos H. Reyes, former independent candidate for president of Honduras and a leader in the National Front of Popular Resistance Against the Coup received a death threat on his cell phone.  While he reported the phone number of the incoming call to the authorities, they have not investigated the origin of the call.


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