June 28, 2012 @ 12:00 p.m.Honduras Consulate in Chicago4439 W. FullertonChicago, Illinois

CRLN’S partner organization, La Voz de los de Abajo, is organizing an action at the Honduran Consulate tomorrow, Thursday, June 28th beginning at noon to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of the military coup in Honduras. The vigil will include delivering letters of protest to the consulate to be forward to the Honduran government, and a vigil for the martyrs and victims of repression and human rights violations.

NATIONAL DAY of ACTION – June 28, 2012 – Three years of Resistance to the Coup in Honduras

As part of our commitment to action on the three year anniversary of the coup, we are asking as many people as possible to contact her/his Congressperson and Senators to contact the State Department and call for an end to US military and police aid in Honduras. To take action, visit the following Honduras Solidarity Network



*  Campesinos, Journalists and Opposition Activists who speak up fortheir rights and the rights of others continue to face repression, includingassassinations, on a regular basis.

* The White House and State Department continue to push increasedmilitary and police aid to the Pepe Lobo regime recently sending another $50million for police and military in Honduras

* The US continues to ramp up its own military presence, includingdirect involvement in actions leading to the deaths of innocent people.Specifically, On May 11th on the Rio Patuca near Ahuas, a small municipalityin the Moskitia, a helicopter titled to the US State Department sprayedbullets into a canoe leading to the deaths of 28-year-old Juana Jackson (sixmonths pregnant), 48-year-old Candelaria Pratt Nelson (five monthspregnant), 14-year-old Hasked Brooks Wood, and 21-year-old Emerson MartínezHenríquez.  At least four more were seriously injured. The DEA confirms thatits Foreign-deployed Advisory Support Team (FAST) participated in support ofa Honduran National Police Tactical Response Team.

This despite the fact that:

  • 94 Congresspeople have called on the State Department to suspend military and police aid.

  • US Senators have now raised concerns over the human rights situation and the US role.

We must keep the pressure on.

Contact your Congressperson and Senators! Ask them to contact US

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Request:


your Senators’ contact info:

*** DRAFT urgent action text and background information below***

June 2012

Dear Senator or Congressperson:

As your constituent, I’m writing to urge you to contact Secretary of StateHillary Clinton to call for the withdrawal of all US security forces fromHonduras and an end to U.S. military and police aid to Honduras untilHonduran authorities demonstrate respect for human rights and democracy.

After the June 28, 2009 coup in Honduras that overthrew democraticallyelected President Manuel Zelaya, a strong and courageous citizens’ movementunited to call for democracy and justice in Honduras.  Now, three yearsafter the coup, there has been no accountability for the coup d’état itselfnor the human rights violations that have followed. Tragically, the U.S.government has implemented a policy towards Honduras that provides supportfor those involved in the coup and to those acting with violence andimpunity against democratic activists. Today, human rights violationscontinue to increase, as does the US military presence in Honduras:

* On May 11th on the Rio Patuca near Ahuas, a small municipality inthe Moskitia, a helicopter titled to the US State Department sprayed bulletsinto a pipante, a long, narrow dugout canoe, which carried sixteen localresidents, leading to the deaths of: 28-year-old Juana Jackson (six monthspregnant), 48-year-old Candelaria Pratt Nelson (five months pregnant),14-year-old Hasked Brooks Wood, and 21-year-old Emerson Martínez Henríquez.At least four others were seriously injured. The Drug Enforcement Agency(DEA) confirms that its Foreign-deployed Advisory Support Team (FAST)participated in the operation supporting a Honduran National Police TacticalResponse Team.

*         More than 50 campesinos have been murdered in the northern coastAguan region alone since the 2010 elections. In April of this year hundredsof campesinos were detained and many more continue to face orders ofdetention for struggling for their land rights

* More than 20 journalists and at least 70 GBLTI activists have beenmurdered since the coup. On May 7, 2012 Erik Martinez Avila a journalist,GBLTI movement leader and LIBRE Party candidate was murdered in Tegucigalpa.

* Political murders of  resistance activists from all sectorscontinue. On May 1, 2012 a member of the indigenous Lenca people’sorganization COPINH, Santos Alberto Dominguez (24) was murdered by NationalPolice officers in the town of San Bartolo in Intibuca province.

*         Death threats continue against human rights defenders. FromFebruary through April 2012, Dina Meza, a member of the Honduran humanrights organization COFADEH received numerous threats of sexual violence andmembers of the North American human rights accompaniment organization PROAHreceived detailed threats via text messages.

Please contact Secretary of State Clinton as soon as possible and call for:

1)      An end to US military and police aid to Honduras.

2)     The withdrawal of all U.S. security forces including DEA and privatecontractors from Honduras.

3)      An independent investigation exploring the role and responsibilityof agents of the U.S. government in the May 11 massacre in Ahuas, Honduras.The findings of this investigation should be immediately made public. Thisinvestigation should include identifying criminal responsibility of specificindividuals.

Background Info:

After the June 28, 2009 coup in Honduras that overthrew democraticallyelected President Manuel Zelaya a strong and courageous citizens’ movementunited to struggle for democracy and justice in Honduras. This movementcontinued after  the illegitimate 2010 election of de facto President PepeLobo and the movement continues to this day.  We in the United States bear aspecial responsibility to take action given the shameful support of ourgovernment for the illegal coup and the economic, diplomatic and politicalsupport for the violent coup regime in Honduras as well as increased U.S.militarization of the region. While trade unions, students, campesinos,teachers continue to struggle for economic and social justice, human rightsviolations and violence against the people are increasing.

For more info and background on Honduras and the United State role

, see this recent article in the Nation:

For more info and testimony on the May 11 incident in Ahuas and role of the DEA

, see:…

For an overview of Honduras since the coup

, see:


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