Blanca Esmeralda Valladares, a native of Santa Cruz de Jojoa in the department of Cortés, Honduras. She is married to Lawyer Juan Angel Rivera Tabora, and they have two children: Louisiana and Lee Rivera Valladares, both of whom are doctors.

Mrs. Valladares is a Notary and Lawyer, and she is a member of the Bar Association of Honduras. Her educational background includes studies at the National Autonomous University of Honduras (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras, UNAH). Early in her career as an independent lawyer, she dedicated herself to supporting farmworkers and advocating for the human rights of Indigenous people. 

In collaboration with the Catholic Church of the Department of Yoro, she co-founded the organization “El Socorro Jurídico Vicarial,” an institution committed to defending, promoting, and protecting human rights, with a primary focus on safeguarding the rights to land and water for agricultural purposes, as well as the preservation of Honduras’ natural resources.

In 1994, she assumed the role of a Judge of the Supreme Court of Justice of Honduras and served two terms. In 2002, she made the decision to leave her judicial position to continue her work as an independent lawyer, with a particular emphasis on providing legal support within the Reflection, Research, and Communication Team of the Society of Jesus (Equipo de Reflexión, Investigación y Comunicación, de la Compañía de Jesús, ERIC).

Over the past six years, she has been an active volunteer at the community radio station RADIO PAIS, focusing on family and educational content. In her capacity as a lawyer, she is dedicated to ensuring that the Right to Justice is not only a concept but a practical reality in Honduras. She recognizes that the pursuit of Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights is an ongoing and formidable challenge.

Serving as an advisor and board member of the Alternative Community Marketing Network (Red de Comercialización Comunitaria Alternativa, RED COMAL), she ardently advocates for the human rights of farmworkers, indigenous communities, and women. Blanca actively promotes their work and campaigns, which they have been diligently pursuing for over thirty years, in support of food production through sustainable agriculture and ecological practices, emphasizing respect for the land and human well-being.

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CRLN is a member of the Honduras Solidarity Network and are committed to the work for justice with the people of Honduras. We are concerned on the increased violence happening now prior to the elections and commit to keep our eyes on the elections. Below is the statement by the solidarity network.

CRLN es miembrx de la Red de Solidaridad de Honduras y estamos comprometidxs con el trabajo por la justicia con el pueblo de hondureño. Estamos preocupadxs por la violencia que esta sucediendo ahora antes de las elecciones y nos comprometemos a mantener la mirada en las elecciones. Adjunto el comunicado de la red de solidaridad.

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