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We are happy to announce our collaboration with a group of activists and community leaders from the Guatemala diaspora in Chicago. The Maya Ixil Accompaniment Project is a Human Rights delegation to Guatemala, scheduled for July 3rd to 12th, 2024.

The primary goal of this delegation is to provide in-person accompaniment to the Maya Ixil community, whose witnesses and survivors of Genocide will testify during the hearings of the historic Genocide trial for the government period of Fernando Romeo Lucas García from July 1978 to March 1982. The trial, which began in March 2024, represents an important moment in the struggle for justice and accountability. As International Human Rights Accompaniers, the delegation will also document their experiences and engage with other human rights defenders, community and Human Rights organizations in Guatemala.

This project reflects the beautiful, diverse and complex identities of its members, who come from various backgrounds, including Mayan, Mestizo, Latine, Queer, and multiracial communities. The range of identities fosters a deep and nuanced understanding of the cultural and historical contexts in which they operate. This ongoing reflection process acknowledges the structures of oppression and white supremacy that people exist within, while consciously striving to dismantle them. The delegation members are Evelyn Zepeda, Kiara Rivera, David Hollinger, Chris Guzaro, Josue Sican and Jhonathan Gómez

In collaboration with CRLN, the project partners in Guatemala are the Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala (NISGUA) and Asociación para la Justicia y la Reconciliación (AJR). This collaboration is made possible through the efforts of our sister organization NISGUA and the tireless work of the AJR, who have tirelessly worked to bring to justice those who committed Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide.

Before we depart for Guatemala, the project needs your help to raise funds to cover travel, accommodations, and other necessary expenses. The delegation members are starting their grassroots fundraising efforts for this project, and your financial support is crucial to ensure the success of this important work.

Read the AJR’s February 2024 case report below or click here.

Please consider donating to support the delegation as we stand in solidarity with the Maya Ixil community and advocate for justice and accountability.

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