Dear CRN friends,

Once again, we are asking you to stand in solidarity with the people of El Salvador.

WHEN: Friday, May 31, 11am
WHERE: Consulate General of El Salvador in Chicago, 8605 W Bryn Mawr Ave STE310, Chicago, IL 60631

On June 1, the people of El Salvador will be subjected to an illegitimate regime led by President-elect Nayib Bukele, who intend to entrench themselves indefinitely as part of the oligarchy. The recent elections were unconstitutional and fraudulent, giving rise to an imposed, illegal, and illegitimate government. We urge you to speak up and stand with the people of El Salvador who REJECT AND REFUSE TO RECOGNIZE this new government.

As part of the international Human Rights community we have repeatedly expressed concerns about the authoritarian and repressive nature of Bukele’s government, which has become particularly urgent following his election into office through an unconstitutional election process.

Nayib Bukele and his legislative majority have undermined democratic checks and balances by allowing Bukele’s re-election against constitutional prohibitions, removing independent judicial figures, and weakening anti-corruption measures. This has raised significant concerns about the state of democracy in El Salvador.

This reality disproportionately impacts impoverished and marginalized communities hardest through repression and criminalization in the form of mass disappearances under the guise of a “state of emergency;” targeted political persecution; ruthless evictions and land dispossession; severe disinvestment in the education and agricultural sectors; relentless harassment of health care workers; massive, unlawful municipal layoffs; the deliberate defunding of educational institutions, notably the National University of El Salvador (UES);and escalating violence against women and LGBTI+ communities.

The 25-month state of emergency, initially adopted to combat gang violence, has led to widespread human rights abuses, including arbitrary detentions, overcrowded prisons, due process violations, and political prisoners. Over 73,000 people, including children and non-gang-related individuals, have been detained, with reports of harsh prison conditions and numerous deaths in custody.

As CRLN, we join in the efforts of the diaspora community of El Salvador in Chicago, Alma de Izote collective, Cipotex de Chicago collective, and especially the international call of action by the Bloque de Resistencia y Rebeldía Popular.

Therefore, the people of El Salvador in Chicago, along with community and human rights organizations, demand:

• Cease the abuse of the judicial apparatus for persecution against the political opposition and left-wing social and environmental movements.
• The end of the “state of emergency” and the immediate release of all people detained without evidence.
• The immediate release of all political prisoners who have been unjustly detained under Bukele’s regime.

We join the struggle of the people of El Salvador in their effort to reclaim their country and the democracy for which generations of Salvadorans fought and sacrificed their lives.

En resistencia y solidaridad permanente

Jhonathan F. Gómez

Jhonathan F. Gómez

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