CRLN’s Immigration Program is rooted in our history of hospitality and advocacy during the sanctuary movement of the 1980s. Since then, our Immigration Program has transformed and expanded through the work and support of our Immigration Organizer, Immigrant Welcoming Congregations (IWC’s), members, and partner organizations. We believe or faith calls us to practice prophetic action that takes the lead from directly-affected communities. Our work is rooted in challenging the criminalization of immigrants, supporting local deportation defense efforts, and holding each other accountable as faith communities committed to working towards the end of detention and deportations for all. As we uplift the call for Expanded Sanctuary, we participate and mobilize our members towards campaigns locally, at the state level, and nationally.

The Sanctuary Working Group, a branch of our Organizing Committee

You can click here or on the link below to donate to the Immigrants’ Emergency Fund. 

The pandemic put many things on hold and caused much strife, but it did not diminish our work for justice. We joined the calls for justice for immigrants, especially those in detention and pushed for ICE to release all people. One of our members challenged us to do more, especially for those who were released. Not everyone has a safe place to return to, or family here in the United States. In response, members of the Organizing Committee decided to dedicate time, energy, and resources to helping immigrants and asylum seekers as a part of our response to the pandemic.

That effort kept us connected and on mission. And it has kept forged ties with the people who are being directly affected by anti-immigrant policies. We created a beloved community that accompanies, supports, and learns from immigrants and asylum seekers. 

The support has helped many. Here are just a few:

  • We helped house a young man who lost his DACA status and wanted to protect his family.
  • We also helped housed family from Central America and gain stability here. This also helped prevent them from being placed in detention.
  • Support an African Immigrant to find temporary housing and medical care for a rare disease.
  • We also helped some undocumented college students get a good start to their first year among many other cases!

Since the beginning, we have also enlisted the support and resources of many organizations. We have never worked alone:

  • Bethany House of Hospitality
  • Children’s Legal Center
  • Interfaith Community for Detained Immigrants
  • Refugee One
  • United African Organization
  • Viatorian House of Hospitality
  • World Relief

We raise money for a special fund that supports these families and individuals. The money is used for rent, food, clothes, transportation and other basic needs as they arise. You can join us in this important work by donating today. Please consider doing that. No amount is too small, and it makes a big difference.

Here is the link to donate to the Immigrants’ Emergency Fund: 

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