Below find calls to action from partner organizations and communities.


Ending the detention of immigrant families is important for several reasons:

Detention centers can significantly negatively impact children’s and adults’ mental and physical health. Children are particularly vulnerable to the trauma of detention, which can lead to long-term emotional and psychological damage.

Detention can separate families and prevent them from being reunited. This can cause additional stress and trauma for parents and children, making it more difficult for families to navigate the immigration system.

In summary, ending the detention of immigrant families is important for upholding human rights, preserving family unity, ensuring due process, and efficiently using government resources.

Urge the Biden Administration and legislators to formally end family detention:


Solidarity Action: Sign the pledge as an educational institution, faith organization, non-profit organization or business to take collective action and identify as an “Apartheid-Free Community.” Learn more and make the pledge at

Humanitarian Action:  Protect Aid to the Palestinian People. Urge Congress to OPPOSE Senate bill 431 and House bill H.R. 1102! This legislation intends to cut funding to hospitals, to schools that serve 540,000 students, and to 1.7 million Palestine refugees who receive emergency food and cash assistance through UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency).

Educational Action:  Attend the webinar this Sunday, April 30 (or register to watch the recording) hosted by UUJME: “IHRA – An anti-free-speechdefinition of anti-semitism and How to Oppose It.” Learn how opposing Israel’s violations of human rights is not anti-semitism.

Donate! Be the Key and Unlock Hope at: AND

Centro Romero

Use this link to ask our elected officials to pass a budget that supports families rather than corporations:

Together we will demand a state BUDGET FOR ILLINOIS FAMILIES that includes: 

  • Immigrant services
  • A child tax credit for low- and middle-class families 
  • Childcare for all 
  • Healthcare for all 
  • Economic Opportunity for formerly incarcerated Illinoisans

Please take 30 seconds to contact your state legislators and ask them to support a budget that puts families over CEOs.

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