2023 El Pueblo Canta

The 14th Annual El Pueblo Canta Concert

April 29, 2023

7:00 – 8:30 PM CST Concert
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM Traditional Latino and Middle Eastern food for purchase.

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In Person & Live Streamed Concert

Co-sponsored by American Muslims for Palestine Chicago, Centro Romero, CRLN, and Wellington UCC and in solidarity with Arab Jewish Partnership for Peace and Justice in the Middle East and Bright Stars of Bethlehem

About the Concert:

El Pueblo Canta: A Concert to Celebrate the Movement for Immigrant Justice, Un concierto para celebrar el Movimiento para la Justicia al inmigrante.For the fourteenth year El Pueblo Canta brings people together from across the city  to celebrate our diversity, embolden the work for immigrant justice, and embrace the belief that who we are, is greater than any fear. All proceeds benefit the work of immigrant justice.

El Pueblo Canta will be an In Person & Live Streamed Concert:

In Person

  • Tickets can be purchased ahead of time through registration or at the door.
  • COVID protocol – masks optional
  • Doors open at 5:30 PM – Traditional Latino and Middle Eastern food for purchase.
  • Concert 7:00 PM – 8:30PM.
  • Event held at North Shore Baptist Church, 5244 N. Lakewood Avenue, Chicago, IL 60640 (click here for map).
  • Parking:  Plenty of residential street parking available.  No parking lot at the church.


2023 Concert Featuring Music by:

Al Horiyah Dabka Group  

Dare2Dream, Centro Romero Youth Choir & Donald Ortega

El Wadi Ensemble, featuring Anita Darwish and Hassan Salameh

Wanda I. Pabellón-García

Wellington Community Choir



About the Performers and Speakers:

فرقه الحرية 

Al Horiyah Dabka Group  

Dabka is a Levantine folk dance, mainly performed at weddings and other celebrations in Palestine. It is a mixture of circle dance and line dancing, with the majority of it being footwork as most of the time you are holding hands with the people next to you. Palestinians have taken Dabke to the middle of protests because it unifies them against their oppressor.

Circles & Ciphers

Circles & Ciphers is a youth led organization that uses restorative practices, mutual aid, and the art of hip hop expression for young people to experience leadership and creative freedom to abolish the prison industrial complex. We are creating generational freedom, equitable space, and community where black and brown youth ages 18-29 who have been impacted by violence and the carceral system have safe space to heal.


Dare2Dream: Centro Romero’s Youth Choir, will once again “Rock You!” as well as those who stand in the way of our shared humanity. They share these songs with their neighbors and all those who face injustice.

Donald Ortega

Los 4 Latinos: 2 brothers and 2 friends got together four years ago playing a variety of genres from Christian Rock to Latin Music. Music has bonded these four individuals, and although they all carry very different perspectives of life, music has been their universal language.

El Wadi Ensemble

El Wadi Ensemble is based out of Chicago and focuses on Arabic traditional music and dance. The ensemble started in 2019 and has performed for different events, festivals and fundraisers benefiting the Chicago Middle Eastern community. Each concert is developed specifically with the occasion and audience in mind. The El Pueblo Canta April 29, 2023 ensemble features Hassan Salameh on oud and vocals, and Anita Darwish on vocals and flute.

Wanda I. Pabellón-García

Wanda I. Pabellón-García, born and raised in Puerto Rico, has been singing from very early in her life. Singing has been her way to serve God, the church and humanity. For Wanda, singing is the way to express love, an instrument for human transformation.

Wellington Community Choir

Wellington Community Choir: Using various musical styles and genres including classical, Latin, gospel, global, traditional and contemporary songs and hymns, the Wellington choir creates a thoughtful and inclusive experience that builds community and inspires people to live their faith in action. The choir’s music embodies the embroidered message (Dari language) of the handmade, Afghani peace scarves they wear: “Borderfree” represents the hope that “borders” will not separate or destroy families anywhere in the world. 

The El Pueblo Canta song selection is Let Justice Roll Down, words & music by Aileen Vance.  Used with permission. www.GoldenBridgeChoir.com

Tarek Khaill

Tarek Khaill is an attorney, lecturer, and activist. He worked with the Illinois Coalition Against Torture (ICAT), an organization which seeks to end domestic police torture and raise awareness of global torture.  He was also a volunteer Attorney with the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR-Chicago) , the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy group. He’s currently a Chicago board member and Education Coordinator for the American Muslims for Palestine (AMP). Tarek lectures on topics such as modern Palestinian history, Middle East politics, and Palestinian rights under international law.

2023 El Pueblo Concert

About the Sponsors

American Muslims for Palestine (AMP)

Founded in 2006, American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) is a a major national organization leading the voice in the Palestine solidarity movement. AMP is engaged in vigorous advocacy for Palestinian rights, effectively reshaping the discourse on Palestine in the U.S. With 10 chapters across the country, AMP has built a large and robust grassroots community. 

Centro Romero is a community-based not-for-profit with the mission to provide opportunities for those community residents with the fewest options. Through education and services, Centro Romero emphasizes the development of the whole family unit, the creation of community leadership, and self-reliance. www.centroromero.org

Chicago Religious Leadership Network on Latin America’s Immigration Program, engaging faith communities through education, advocacy and action to work for immigrant justice. www.crln.org

Wellington United Church of Christ is a Christian church with a focus on living our faith in action. We are ecumenical in outlook and background, respecting other faiths and traditions as paths to God. As followers of the God of Life we acknowledge God’s call to non-violence as a basic tenet of our faith, affirming and publicly declaring our opposition to all forms of oppression including injustice towards immigrant sisters and brothers. www.waucc.org

About the Solidarity Partners

The Arab Jewish Partnership for Peace and Justice in the Middle East (AJP) brings together Arab Americans and Jewish Americans who advocate for an end to US unconditional economic and military support for Israel in its occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people. This occupation is a source of great instability and violence that threatens to engulf the region of the Middle East. The AJP supports a peaceful resolution of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict that
ensures peace, justice and security for both peoples.

Bright Stars of Bethlehem

Our mission is to raise awareness and support for Dar al-Kalima University, the first and only university of arts and culture in all of Palestine. Bright Stars of Bethlehem is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the health, education, and cultural and spiritual development of the people in the Middle East in order to promote peace and harmony in the region. With an ever-increasing network of supporters in the U.S., Bright Stars impacts the lives of over 60,000 men, women, and children in Palestine. The staff and volunteer leaders work together to provide support to the Palestinian people to help grow hope in the midst of occupation. www.brightstarsbethlehem.com

2022 El Pueblo Concert 


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Co-sponsored by Centro Romero, CRLN, and Wellington UCC and in solidarity with American Muslims for Palestine Chicago, Arab Jewish Partnership for Peace and Justice in the Middle East, and Bright Stars of Bethlehem