In difficult moments we are tempted to give into despair. This year, we have faced profound challenges across the globe. From homes to hospitals to cities and towns, the current health crisis and calls for racial justice have touched us all, but they also made more apparent the flaws of our societies. However, it is now that we must remember that we are a people of justice united by a common thread of hope. It is hope that unites us in our calls and emails to elected officials, in our protests on the streets. It is hope that connects us to our brothers and sisters in their struggles thousands of miles away. It is hope that connects us to neighbors in solidarity when we struggle. Our keynote speaker Sr. Maria Magdalena embodies this hope and reflects what CRLN’s friends, members and allies strive to live out every day. It is this hope that brings us together to commemorate another year of work for justice and to push toward the next.

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FEATURING: El Wadi Ensemble

PLUS: special performances by VOICES, the Wellington Choir, and the “Dare to Dream” Centro Romero Youth Choir.


TIME: Doors open at 5:30pm–Traditional Latino and Middle Eastern food for purchase

           Concert: 7:00 – 8:30pm

LOCATION: Wellington Ave. UCC, 615 W. Wellington Ave., Chicago, IL. Located on the corner of Broadway and Wellington, a few blocks south of Belmont Ave. Close                         to the Halsted, Broadway and Clark St. buses, as well as the Red or Brown Line CTA trains 

TICKETS: $25 general admission, $15 students/limited income, children under 12 free (childcare available, RSVP at 773-935-0642) 

Advance tickets and sponsorship at

Call 773-935-0642 for more details

PARKING: Complimentary parking passes generously provided by Advocate IL Masonic Hospital at garage at Halsted and Wellington.

All proceeds will go to support the immigrant justice work of Centro Romero, CRLN, and Wellington Ave. UCC


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Nurse whistleblower Dawn Wooten has made a courageous complaint, along with Project South and Georgia Detention Watch, to the watchdog that oversees the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) against what amounts to medical neglect and inappropriate medical practices in the Irwin County Detention Center. For her efforts, she has been demoted.

Click here for more information from the BBC.

Click here for the complaint filed by Project South with the DHS Office of Inspector General.

Email your members of Congress and request that they contact the DHS Office of Inspector General to demand a full investigation of the Irwin County Detention Center. Further request that they call for the Center to be shut down and detainees be released because of the risks to their health in the Center.

You can type the name of your Representative and Senators into your web browser, find their website in the list that comes up, go to the website, and type your request there. Usually, there is a “Contact” section on the website.

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(Photo by George Prentzas on Unsplash)

The Department of Homeland Security has proposed a rule that would dramatically expand the collection of biometric data (DNA, iris scan, voice recording, face photo) from immigrants, asylum seekers, international religious workers, survivors of domestic abuse and sex trafficking, and U.S. citizens who sponsor or are in any way associated with an immigration benefit to or application from those listed above. This information would be collected from children as well as adults and stored in government databases indefinitely for unspecified purposes. CRLN is very concerned that it will be used for surveillance purposes.

We have until October 13 to submit written comments objecting to this rule change. You may submit comments on the entirety of this proposed rule package, identified by DHS Docket No. USCIS-2019-0007, through the Federal eRulemaking Portal: Follow the website instructions for submitting comments. Please write now!

Thanks to CLINIC (Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc.) for making us aware of this.

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CRLN and 5 other co-sponsoring organizations–Center for Immigrant Progress, Centro Romero, Chicago-Cinquera Sister Cities, Chicago-Guatemala Partnership, and Concern America–are raising funds for education, health, and community organizing projects in Latin America and in immigrant communities in Lake County. Help us support scholarships for rural Indigenous students in Guatemala and El Salvador, health promoter trainings in rural and Indigenous or Black communities in Colombia, PPE for health professionals in El Salvador, voter registration and issued education in immigrant communities in Lake County, IL, and funding for those who must renew DACA work authorization at exorbitant new rates.


In these times, we have dreamed up a new way to participate in this annual event! This will be a decentralized Pedal for Peace, and we also have opened it up to people who run or walk. It is more flexible–choose your date within the next month to participate! Finally, we will all gather online to celebrate the results of our collective action.


September 12– October 11, you get to choose the day to bike, run, or walk the distance of your choice.

  • Alone or with family/friends
  • On a bike path, neighborhood streets, park, or exercise bike
  • Send a photo of yourself in your biking location holding a sign with the name of the location (neighborhood, bike path, etc.) appearing in the photo to to share with other participants.


October 18, 4-5 pm: Online Zoom program to celebrate our united efforts to empower our communities in Illinois and Latin America. We will send out the link to you on the day of the event. While we cannot gather at this time, we can celebrate the way we remain connected by our global hearts and similar missions.


You can raise funds online using social media tools or you can use a paper pledge form to collect checks (contact for a pledge form or if you have questions). Whichever method you choose, sign up to join one of the teams to raise funds at

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Find the Resources and Recap on our last part to the Webinar Series on Daisy Hernandez’s Report Back from the “Healing Our Land, Healing Ourselves” Delegation to Cuba with the Witness for Peace Solidarity Collective in December 2019:

Find the recap on Youtube:


Support the ACTION along with this part of the series by signing onto Cuban-American Cyclist Carlos Lazo’s Petition:

And keep an eye out for updates on the Chicago City Council Resolution!

Resources to Learn More:

Family Doctors (Slide #12) 

ELAM (Slide #14) 

Cuba’s International Solidarity (Slide #18) 

Cuba American Cyclist Carlos Lazo Action (Slide #20) 

Links to the other parts to the Webinar Series:

  1. US-Cuba Relations, Cooperatives, and Community:
  2. Urban Economics and Agriculture:

For additional resources contact Marilyn McKenna at or Daisy Hernandez at

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Find the recap on Youtube:


Support the ACTION along with this part of the series by signing onto Cuban-American Cyclist Carlos Lazo’s Petition: 

Resources to Learn More:

Memorial de Denuncio (Slide 4): 

The Administrations-Obama (Slide 7) 

The Administrations-Trump (Slide 8)

Cuban-American Cyclist Carlos Lazo Petition / Action (Slide 9) · 

Rethinking Solidarity (Slide 10)

Las Terrazas (Slide 13)

Operation Pedro Pan: 

On US Sanctions on Cuba: 

Links to the other parts to the Webinar Series:

  1. Urban Economics and Agriculture:
  2. Healthcare System: Clients or Patients?:

For additional resources contact Marilyn McKenna at or Daisy Hernandez at

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Find the recap on Youtube:

Take Action to Urge the Administration and Congress to Lift Sanctions!

Thanks to the Presbyterian Church (USA) Office of Public Witness for creating this alert.

Resources to learn more:

Excerpt from the 2001 OXFAM report Going Against the Grain about the effects of the Special Period on food supply and agriculture

Read the entire Oxfam report here

Torricelli Act – (H.R.5323 – Cuban Democracy Act of 1992)

Helms Burton Act – (Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity (Libertad) Act of 1996)

Summary of changes to U.S. Policy during the Obama Administration created by the Latin American Working Group

2019 Cuba Advocacy Toolkit created by the Latin American Working Group has an excellent timeline from 2014 – 2019 showing the improvements to relations and the Trump rollback. Additional negative policy changes continue to occur.

Links to the next two webinars:

  1. July 30US-Cuba Relations, Cooperatives, and Community:
  2. August 6Healthcare System: Clients or Patients?:

For additional resources contact Marilyn McKenna at or Daisy Hernandez at

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