Jhonathan F. Gómez (él/he/him) is the Latin America Program Coordinator. He is a human rights defender, documentary photographer-artist, educator, and father from Guatemala City. Jhonathan has worked with community and human rights organizations in Guatemala and the United States for over 15 years. Both his professional and personal work combine arts, multimedia and technology for the defense of human rights with a focus on immigrant and indigenous rights. He and his family moved back to Chicago in May of 2021 after living in Guatemala for 10 years. In Chicago, Jhonathan has worked as an arts youth educator and as a day laborer organizer with undocumented workers at the Latino Union of Chicago. In Guatemala, he worked as Communications and Technology Coordinator at the human rights observatory UDEFEGUA. Jhonathan has also worked and collaborated in Guatemala with human rights organizations like CALDH, GHRC and NISGUA. He was the recipient of the Voiceless Speak Grant awarded by the Guatemalan Human Rights Commission in the United States (GHRC) for his work in developing and promoting awareness of human rights violations in Guatemala through multimedia projects. In 2007 Jhonathan participated in the formation of the Chicago New Sanctuary Coalition and continued to collaborate with the CRLN network. In September of 2021 he joined the team and is delighted to be part of CRLN’s legacy work of solidarity.

De vez en cuando
camino al revés:
es mi modo de recordar.

Si caminara sólo hacia delante,
te podría contar
cómo es el olvido.

– Humberto Ak-Abal


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