Early this morning, CRLN got word that the Colombian Government and FARC guerillas are hoping to finalize the Peace Agreements today or tomorrow without considering the inclusion of an Ethnic Chapter. For years, organized African descendant and Indigenous communities have demanded a place at the negotiating table in Havana. Over the past five decades, violence has disproportionately affected African descendant and Indigenous peoples, especially women. Although some of the issues affecting Ethnic peoples–such as land distribution–have been discussed,their proposals have not been factored into the final Accords, thus marginalizing those who have the most at stake in what peace actually looks like.


CRLN, as part of the Afro-Colombian Solidarity Network (ACSN), has been supporting the demands of Afro and Indigenous Colombians and continues to do so today by releasing the statement attached to decision makers in the U.S. and Colombia. To support lasting peace in Colombia and the work of Afro & Indigenous communities, make a call and send a tweet TODAY! 

Call the Capitol Switchboard (202-224-3121), provide your address and ask to be directed to your Member of Congress. Once connected, ask for the foreign policy staffer and tell them the following or leave them the following message:

“My name is _____ and I’m calling to ask that Rep. _______ urge U.S. and Colombian officials to include the Ethnic Chapter in the Peace final accords to end Colombia’s civil war. Please contact your colleagues in the State Department and ask that those most affected by violence in Colombia have a say in what peace looks like. The Ethnic Chapter proposed by organized Afro and Indigenous communities needs to be included and those communities need to be at the table to make peace sustainable.”

Use the hashtags #FinalAgreements #EthnicChapter #ComisionEtnica or copy/paste the canned tweets below:

.@WHASpeaks #FinalAccords can’t be signed wo #EthnicChapter Real peace must include Afro&Indigenous ppls&women! @renacientes @ONIC_Colombia

.@EquipoPazGob Don’t sign #FinalAgreements w/o the #EthnicChapter! Peace must include Afro & Indigenous peoples!@PCN21 @ONIC_Colombia

.@USEmbassyBogota #FinalAccords can’t be signed wo #EthnicCommission! Peace must include Afro&Indigenous ppls!@renacientes @ONIC_Colombia

.@EquipoPazGob @FARC_EPaz No avance “paz” sin gente más afectada. No firmen sin inclusión de Afros e Indígenas!@renacientes @ONIC_Colombia

.@State_DRL #FinalAccords can’t be signed wo #EthnicCommission! Peace must include Afro&Indigenous ppls & women! @renacientes @ONIC_Colombia

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