Hope Vaughn 

Case Manager

Hope Vaughn is a Connecticut local who’s been advocating and organizing in Chicago for the past 3 years. Hope has her BSW, MSW, and LSW in the state of IL. Hope is passionate about international social work, immigration justice, and community collaboration. Hope has been organizing with various agencies throughout her time in Chicago. Hope’s involvement with Westside Mutual Aid has aided families and seniors in their obtainment of nourishing food throughout the West Side of Chicago. Her continued support through Chicago Community Jail Support has increased resources and volunteer attainment throughout the movement. Hope has experience in studying and living abroad in Spain, Dominican Republic, and Chile. Her Spanish speaking abilities are an asset to the Sanctuary Working Groups Team. Hope is passionate about spirituality, social justice, and community. She strives to live out radical values as did Dorothy Day, a big lifetime influence of hers.

Contact Information

(331) 465-1161

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