The US Navy occupied half of the island of Vieques, a part of Puerto Rico, as a bombing site. Sixteen years later the effects of the chemicals on the land and on the people remain as the clean up had hoped to mean economic benefit, but the money spent on it so far has gone to US corporations in control of the process. The clean up is an example of locals being excluded from economic opportunities, and after hurricane Maria, there has been more gentrification from people leaving the island. The Navy defended open denotation as the safest process for site workers and claimed that there were no health risks to the public.

A Puerto Rican governor included the colonial conversation, how Puerto Rico lacks the oversight to discuss the issues on the island because of the restrictions on representation in the U.S. Congress. Watch this informative video posted by AJ+:

21 thoughts on “Demilitarization, Decontamination, Development of Vieques

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