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CRLN is a proud supporter of the IL TRUST Act and the Campaign for a Welcoming Illinois!



recently passed the Illinois Senate with a vote of 31 to 21. The TRUST Act will help keep federal immigration enforcement separate from local law enforcement, will enact safe zones in communities, will help immigrant crime victims seek legal assistance, and prevent Illinois from participating in any sort of discriminatory registry.

➢ Bar law enforcement agencies in Illinois from complying with any ICE detainers or warrants that are not supported by a court-issued warrant

➢ Limit arrests based solely on immigration-related information included in federal databases

➢ Bar 287(g) agreements to deputize local police to execute immigration enforcement and limit other cooperation and information sharing with immigration enforcement (without a courtissued criminal warrant) ➢ Bar the use of private prisons to house immigration detainees

➢ Forbid use of immigration-related threats or verbal abuse by law enforcement agents

➢ Set deadlines and standards for law enforcement agencies to respond to requests for certifications needed to process U visa applications

➢ Establish an Illinois TRUST Act Compliance Board to train law enforcement agencies regarding this law and identify and research further issues regarding the impact of detainers

➢ Provide a private right of action for anyone to sue any agency that violates this Act

➢ Amend the Illinois Criminal Procedure Code to clarify provisions that probation officers and judges have used to ask about immigration status

➢ Allow certain individuals (including immigrants) to reopen prior criminal cases based on inadequate counsel or successful completion of probation. For immigrants, this provision could help them avoid deportation.


1. Make a call to your Representative and ask them to support the TRUST Act when it comes up for a vote!

How to contact your Representative:

1.       Go to

2.       Enter your address and click “Find Address”

3.       Click “Confirm Address”

4.       Find “Representative District__”

5.       Call their Office(s)

6.       Please email me to let us know that you called or left a message.

2. Join us and other ICIRR members as we travel to Springfield to advocate for the TRUST Act. The Illinois TRUST Act needs to pass out of the house by May 31st. We need your support! E-mail

if you’re willing to go to Springfield on May 30th!


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